About this project

Cube 521 Newsletter

I started designing the Newsletter for this wonderful theatre in the north of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in 2014. From season 2014/15 to season 2021/22, there were small design updates each year. Unfortunately, about two years ago, it was decided to produce the newsletters and other graphic materials in-house. Lately, I’ve been surprised by long-standing clients making this decision more frequently and without prior notice. It seems that this choice is often driven by inflexible and poorly thought-out economic considerations, deliberately excluding any external input, especially in the area of graphic design. What concerns me greatly is that young professionals in Luxembourg show less interest in freelance work and increasingly prefer the stability and comfort of permanent positions as graphic designers for the government, large companies, or institutions.

Project details

Year of creation: 2013 -2022
Folded format 150 x 150 mm
Client: Cube 521, Marnach (G.-D. of Luxembourg)