Who I am

Studies and experience

I graduated from the Brussels ‘Académie des Beaux-Arts’ in 1989, specializing in illustration and graphic design. When I established my business in Luxembourg that same year with a student friend, all the designer’s work, including production processes, were still completely analog. Reflecting on it now, I consider myself fortunate to have exclusively learned with classical tools – paper, pencil, ink, colors – and a great deal of imagination, before embracing the ever-evolving digital tools. However, what remains of utmost importance to me is a solid intellectual foundation, which guarantees the quality and success of any design project. By listening to my clients and understanding their needs, I dedicate time to thoughtful reflection, ensuring the delivery of outstanding results in terms of content and graphic quality.
My Skillset

An overview of my services

Corporate & Logo Design

Designing a simple symbol, concise and meaningful, which is intended to represent the activities and vision of a company or institution, the values of a brand, or the mission of a unique event, is a great challenge that I particularly enjoy.


I’ve never wanted to limit myself to a particular style of illustration. What matters most to me is being able to apply the appropriate style to each project, drawing on my own repertoire.

Book Design

Designing a book is certainly the supreme discipline in design – in order to conceive and possibly illustrate an entire book, a graphic designer must mobilise most of his skills simultaneously.

E-book processing

The publication of an e-book, e.g. in epub format, requires a special, careful processing as well as a suitable layout. I am providing this editing service, even if your book has already been designed.

Web design

I create all my websites exclusively with WordPress in combination with the ‘Divi’ page builder. I take care of the entire creation process, from registering the domain name to putting the site online and its maintenance.


Almost every design job involves photographic images. As I avoid buying photos off the shelf from a cheap online stock agency – as is unfortunately all too often the case these days – it was a logical step to add one of my passions to my list of professional services.

Poster design

Posters were one of the first and for a long time most important advertising media and still play an important role in advertising today. I create posters of all formats from A to Z, including illustration or photography.

Brochure design

A brochure can have an infinite variety of formats, be simple or opulent in design, be black and white or in colour, and so on.
A brochure is an important communication tool, which is why its exact aim must always be clearly defined before it is designed.

Don’t hesitate to reach out tome if you need further information regarding my services. I am always here to help and provide you with all the details you require. Feel free to call or write to me at any time.